Preset Workshop Landing

Welcome to the Presets Workshop wiki. Here we work together to perfect presets for Adobe Lightroom and other image processors. Each project preset will be given a page that can be edited by any member, and the page will feature the text dump of the preset. This can then be edited, published, tried by others, and edited again. Hopefully this will lead to finely tuned presets available to all for free.

Please see Rules page before starting.

Rules - Read before editing, please review every so often.
Presets-In-Progress - New presets to be viewed, used, and retooled.

If you are familiar with using Wikidot, or other wikis, and are interested in helping me maintain this wiki please contact me. email (ignore brackets): [grayimaging][@][gmail][.][com]. I am not overly familiar with wiki editing, and someone knowledgable can really help make this a much better tool for the Lightroom scene.

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