Thank you for joining Preset Workshop Wiki, the new place to design, refine and release new presets for Lightroom (and hopefully other RAW processing apps). The site is new and will evolve as more people get involved, so I will set up a few ground rules to get us started.

1. Please start new pages for presets in the appropriate location. Start at the "Presets In Progress" page, and choose or create a page for the correct category (e.g. Special Effects, Film Simulation, etc). Once on page for correct category, start a new page with the preset's working title as the page title.

2. On the preset's page please give a description of the preset's desired effect, a quick description of applied settings, and possibly an example of the look you are trying to accomplish. The more information provided, the more others can understand the final goal.

3. After describing the preset, insert the text from the .lrtemplate file you exported from lightroom. This is the part of the page that will be edited by most users.

4. When editing, make sure that your edits work. Use preview, cut the text of the preset, paste into a new .lrtemplate file, and import back into Lightroom to test. The posted preset text should ALWAYS work if someone comes across it.

5. When editing a preset, always document what was changed to the preset in the description box of the editing page. If a revision is not documented, the revision will be reverted to the previous known good revision.

6. Please only make changes that will contribute to the disired effect. Any member who consistantly makes undesired alterations to presets will have membership revoked. Please test your changes on multiple images in your catalog to make sure desired effect is consistant before revising.

7. If you cannot provide useful changes to a preset, please do not modify it. However please feel free to leave comments or discussions.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License